Sunday, February 28, 2010


A survey from 1995 to 2010 has shown that American children are increasingly being born underweight. It is not due to malnutrition as the mothers were found not to smoke and were over-weight. It is not due to cesarean operation which reduces the gestation period. It is dubbed a mystery by the Researchers as they could not find any explanation for this phenomenon. But it can be easily explained only if it is not seen in isolation. The pattern should be seen in the wider global context. Indian and Chinese children are being born increasingly taller – a trend replicated earlier in America. Germans are becoming overweight. European birth rate had declined. Worldwide there is a general deficiency of the immune system. All these are linked like the individual pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. To understand it we have to further expand the base to plant life.

Plants like human beings have a life cycle of their own. Similarities between plants and animals including human beings need not be recounted. Earlier, the fruits, pulses and vegetables were grown smaller in size, but used to stay fresh for longer durations. Gradually, with the use of non-biological chemical fertilizer, the plants grew bigger and started giving bigger fruits of lower quality (at least taste). The fruits also gradually started to shrink and perish at a very fast rate. If the fertilizer are stopped, reduced or maintained at a fixed level, the plants and the produce grew smaller in size over a period. The genetic tampering and use of pesticide has its own problems. Without this intoxicating poison, the plants become infertile. This is the universal pattern.

Since we take these fruits, pulses and vegetables directly, it affects us also, though at a slightly slower rate as unlike the plants, the non-biological chemical fertilizers and intoxicating substances are inducted into our system after being processed by the plant. In India, the toxic content is the yardstick for classifying food into vegetarian and non-vegetarian. Our body maintains a constant temperature of about 37-38 centigrade. It takes about 5 to 6 hours for the body to digest the food. Thereafter the juices are processed and the waste goes to a separate sack. If the juices are from unspoiled food, it nourishes our system. If it is from spoiled food, it creates conditions for disease. Vegetarian food is necessary for survival. This is proved from the fact that vegetarian animals are bigger, stronger and live longer. Non-vegetarian animals are smaller, more agile (they spent energy quickly, hence) live shorter. Even then the non-vegetarian animals prey on animals that are primarily vegetarian. Any food in an edible condition (broken up or cut) that can remain unspoiled for at least 6 hours at a temperature of 370-380 centigrade is described as vegetarian and the rest are non-vegetarian. Thus, milk of pure bred cows (not jersey), which is an animal product, is classified as vegetarian and onion or garlic, which are plant produce, are classified as non-vegetarian. The genetically modified food and the produce modified by use of non-biological chemical fertilizers and intoxicating and poisonous substances are non-vegetarian food, which harms our system.

The rule is that Nature produces sufficient food (including those having medicinal properties to maintain hygienic balance in any area) required by the living beings at any time. Only we have to know the produce and consume the required quantity without wasting unnecessarily. We destroy this balance by tampering with the natural system. For example, the different seasonal fruits and vegetables in a particular place are suited to provide nourishment and keep the immune system functional. This may not be suitable for the people in a different geo-climatic condition. According to the Indian system of medicine, we should consume only seasonal fruits and vegetables as Nature generates these to counter the negative effects of the seasonal change for a particular climatic condition. Thus, transportation of farm produce to another place with a different geo-climatic condition is prohibited. If we want to consume it, we should go to that land. Similarly, un-seasonal food is prohibited as it induces different chemicals into our body that are really not wanted, but could be harmful. According to the Indian system of medicine, the root cause for diabetes can be ascribed to the used of freezers and air-conditioners in summer. Increased blood-pressure and eye-disease problems can be ascribed to it indirectly. Unfortunately, our greed and false vanity has guided our activities and even science now is no longer pursuit of knowledge, but is commercially guided. Thus, the same impact that is seen in the plant kingdom is surfacing among the human race. Gradually it will lead to a world-wide epidemic. The global warming is the Natures ways of tiding over the imbalance created by us. Irrespective of what we do, it is bound to increase. Cutting down emission of green-house gases alone is not going to solve the problem. Besides there is an extra-terrestrial angle to it.

According to an ancient Indian prophecy, ground water will cease to be pure from a date coinciding about the beginning of the twentieth century (kali era 5000). That is the time when the average height of living beings starts reducing. It may go down to 4 feet on an average. Gradually people will move to and stay underground, as the climatic conditions will become unbearable. By 6900 AD (kali era 10000), the human race in the present form will be extinct. We are heading in that direction.


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