Friday, August 03, 2012


We don’t understand the excitement relating to the so-called dark energy, which is an oxymoron. It is said to be dark because it does not reveal itself through interaction. It is smoothly distributed in the sense it doesn’t fall into galaxies and clusters, (otherwise it would have been found by studying the dynamics of those objects). It is persistent in the sense the density of dark energy (amount of energy per cubic light-year) remains approximately constant as the Universe expands. It doesn’t dilute away like matter does. Because of the last two properties, it is called energy. But how can energy not interact, yet be called energy? Can it not be explained differently? Say like a back ground structure? That will solve most problems and explain gravity, which in turn can explain the other fundamental forces of Nature. This also will explain inflation, though differently.

In the paper “Physics Beyond Standard Model”, we have described the above mechanism. The cosmic microwave background measures the total amount of energy (including matter) in the observable universe. Local measures of galaxies and clusters measure the total amount of matter. The latter turns out to be about 27% of the former, leaving 73% or so in the form of some invisible stuff that is not matter. We relate these two theoretically to 1 : π, because the inverse square law is universally verified and only a spherical field must obey the inverse square law because the density of spherical emission must fall off inversely with the distance. The only difference in this case is that there is no fall of density because the galaxies move intact and there is no evidence of their expansion. This implies that they are moving against a fixed back ground like a boat moving in a river. This creates bow-shock effect and we have shown that at a certain point, this not only overcomes the expansion, but also generates a negative pressure. This is repeated to give the impression of inflation.

We are pained to see the way the scientific community is heading. The misreporting orchestrated in the media about the so-called discovery of Higg’s boson is one of the latest fads. The problem is that scientists are behaving like the proverbial six blind men, who went to “see” an elephant. Each one touched one limb of the elephant and described the entire elephant based on his findings. Each one is correct in his description. But even after listening to all six, you cannot have any idea about what type of a creature they are talking about. But for one who has seen the elephant, all their descriptions make sense. We find the situation similar, but no one is willing to see the elephant, even when it is in sight.

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