Friday, October 19, 2012


Recently, there has been much discussion regarding the theory of the origin of the Moon. The dominant theory emerging is the giant collision theory. But there are many problems with this theory also. We show that all these theories are wrong.

If we look at the chemical composition of the Sun’s surface, we find the dominant element is hydrogen – 71 percent. In the case of Earth’s crust, it is oxygen – 46.6 percent. But what about the Moon? Yes; it is covered with silicate like Earth. But what about hydrogen, helium and oxygen? It is totally different. The Earth’s core is composed of mostly molten iron. The Moon a small iron core perhaps 300 km in radius, with a temperature of about 1500 K, too cool to melt the rock, surrounded by a soft asthenosphere that do not permit S-waves, implying it must be plastic. The Mare covers of the moon are less reflective than the “highlands” as a result of their iron-rich compositions, and hence appear dark to the naked eye. The maria cover about 16 percent of the lunar surface, mostly on the near-side visible from Earth. The few maria on the far-side are much smaller, residing mostly in very large craters. The Near side has more mare: 32% of its surface is mare covered compared with 2% of the far side (globally mare cover 17%).

There is interesting similarities between the Moon and the Mercury. If the crust of Moon is heated enough, it will resemble the crust of Mercury. There are many other similarities between the two like only one side of their surface is always faced towards their principal body, strength of magnetosphere, etc. Thus, the theories of the origin of Moon are all wrong. The origin of Mercury is linked to the origin of Moon. Both were formed neither due to impact of two bodies (it will impossible for Mercury), not due to collision or split. Their formation should be linked to the conservation laws. While the cosmic background temperature is very low, it is very high at the stars and galaxies. Thus, the accumulation of high temperature bodies are linked to a corresponding process of evolution of low temperature bodies following the conservation laws. Both have the same source of origin – cosmic nebulae.

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