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Diabetes has become widespread. According to Ayurveda, it is caused when diluted cough accumulates in body. If we analyze the chemical composition of sugars, we find that the number of carbon atoms are equal to twice the number of hydrogen atoms and similar number of oxygen atoms. Hence the number of carbon atoms and water molecules are equal. That is the reason, when we burn sugar, we get carbon and water. Ayurveda defines all solids as Prithwi and all fluids as Ap. Their combination is decided as Madhur rasa or sweet. Since cough has a combination of both in a diluted form, it is sweet. When it accumulates in body, it remains attached to the various channels like moss in a water pipe. This slows down all systems, which creates different complications in different persons. Like the moss coming out from the tap, sometimes the accumulated cough comes out through urine. That tests sugar. All food taken are first converted into sugar first. Hence blood sugar level is not a true indication of sugar, as it can be affected by other body conditions like metabolic problems. The pharmaceutical companies conspire to test the blood sugar level and gradually reduce the level to declare more people diabetic to increase their medicine sell. Recently, seven of the top pharmaceutical companies met to decide to lower the level of blood sugar, so that more people can be declared diabetic and their sell can go up. Doctors are often bribed to toe their line. Hence people should be careful about diabetes. According to Ayurveda, there are 20 types of diabetes. One must remember that sugar is not a disease - it is only a symptom. Diabetes is the disease. But doctors try to manage the symptoms, as they are not taught to treat the system. All the doctors do is to lower the sugar level. But that is not treatment and it creates additional complications. Hence a diabetic person does not recover, but continuously require more and more treatment for one or the other diseases. Here are some important symptoms of rise in blood sugar level.
In diabetics, the blood sugar levels can be increased due to various different factors, including:
over-treating an episode of hypoglycemia (low blood sugar)
missing a dose or taking a wrong dose of the diabetes medication
a lack of exercise
an illness, like a common cold
overeating, such as snacking between meals
certain medicines, like steroid medication
Additionally, children and young adults may also experience occasional episodes of hyperglycemia during growth spurts.
High blood sugar symptoms
Increased blood sugar levels do not necessarily mean that you have diabetes, as high blood sugar is a symptom od diabetes.
In some cases, people with hyperglycemia, do not experience any signs of the condition.
However, these are the most common symptoms of high blood sugar:
Frequent urination and/or urination during the night
Blurred vision
Difficulty concentrating
Dry mouth
Recurrent infections
Slow healing of cuts and wounds
Stomach problems
Constant fatigue or extreme tiredness
Increased thirst
Dry and itchy skin
Constant hunger
Excess abdominal fat/weight gain
Nerve problems
What are the symptoms of Diabetes?
Urinating more often than usual, especially at night
Feeling very thirsty
Unexplained loss of weight
Itching around the penis or vagina
Cuts or wounds that heal very slowly
Blurred vision
Feeling very tired
To get relief
;Avoid things that suddenly changes temperature: like AC, fridge, cold drinks, ice cream, etc. Avoid cough syrup, which keeps the fluid cough in your system. Eat things that taste bitter like neem, karela, etc, or pungent like Amla, triphala, etc. Get up early in the morning and do some physical activity any time during the day. Avoid remaining awake till midnight.

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