Wednesday, January 18, 2012


A worldwide study reveals that wearing high heels lead to mental disorders. A positive correlation has been found between stilettos and schizophrenia among women. The calves of the wearer of stilettos get tensed which prevents release of dopamine. Dopamine is a neuro-receptor compound which is necessary for sound mental health. According to the reports, the first case of heeled footwear was reported about more than 1000years ago. It is still prevalent in many countries all over the world. The ladies from Aristocratic families or upper classes prefer high heeled footwear more than the ladies from middle or lower class. Similarly, the Western women prefer stilettos than Orientals. The study confirms that schizophrenia affects the upper class and Westerners more than middle class or Oriental women. This problem of high heeled footwear will persist in the years to come due to the increased production and aggressive marketing strategies. The advertisers take the general public as gullible fools, who can be brainwashed to toe the brand endorsements of media heroes hook line and sinker, due to idolization. Ladies from all over the world, mostly in the affluent classes, have been neglecting their routine and normal posturing to maintain their so-called “class status” as endorsed by such “idols” and will continue to do so unless the trend changes. Now, it’s high time, they realize that fashion should be consistent with comfiture and not despite discomfiture. Footwear designers or shoe companies should not show their bankruptcy in designing something stylish while being healthy. They should concentrate on making more of flat but stylish shoes. Beauty is not confined to the shoes. Ladies, whether tall or short, can still look beautiful, elegant and sophisticated with flat shoes. Thus, to combat the problematic situation of increased cases of schizophrenia among high heeled foot wearers, as in other fields of misconceived notions of “fashion”, there is a need for a trend-setter – one who endorses the content and not the packaging.

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