Wednesday, January 18, 2012


Clifford Martis, in his article on Laughter in the Hospital stresses the need for Hospitals to imbibe a touch of humor, so that it may help in the healing process. The article describes attempts made by the writer to create a humorous atmosphere and its effect. Laughter is the best medicine – the adage has been variously proved. The science of haasya – humor, was initially examined by Bharat. According to him, the perceptible aspect of humor mechanism is caused by Pramatha – the centrally churning process.  Thus, laughter is always associated with an anti-clockwise churning that generates at the navel region and moves upwards. This churning harmonizes completely with the fluid dynamics in the human body, which results in better circulation – thus help maintaining good health. Further, humor is associated with feeling happy. Happiness is a state of mind, when we feel relaxed and want to continue in the same state as long as possible. Thus the hormone production in the body that are associated with various emotions, take a selective turn for the better. Hence, humor is the easiest, safest yet most economical way for better health. The more we laugh, the more we feel better. Yet, most of the institutions, workplaces and even homes, lack this most important aspect of human life. Miseries, competition, social, economic, psychological and other problems have contributed to the decreased level of humorous activity. Even at home, we tend to forget that there is something called laughter. The so-called humorous serials on TV often have to incorporate back-ground laughter sound to induce people to laugh mechanically. But distorting the contours of the lips is not laughter. It must start from within and rise up to come out not only through the lips and eyes, but through the whole body. Why can’t we develop humor as an essential routine of human life? Laughing heartily keeps body and mind healthy. In stead of scheduling exercise, movies or other recreational activity as a matter of routine, we should find some time for laughing – first at ourselves, then at the whole world. When God has given us such a wonderful emotion, why not utilize it fully. Let us be humorous and make ourselves and other people happy. Humor is the key to the secret of good health and happy life. So keep laughing and enjoy happy life! 

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